Re: subshell on AIX

Hello, Alexander!

> I think this problem was introduced while moving to autoconfig : the
> subshell code itself is ok, the problem is that wrong platform specific code
> is selected by #ifdef's.
> Please apply my patch, there are still some poor souls around who have to
> work on AIX :)

MC tries to use /dev/ptmx whenever grantpt() function is present.  I
understand it doesn't work on AIX, so you want to fallback to the BSD
style pseudoterminals.

It may happen that some newer versions of AIX will have working /dev/ptmx,
and forcing them to use the legacy API just because their system is called
AIX and had a problem in the past would be wrong.

It would be better if you compiled MC without your patch and debugged
pty_open_master() to see where it fails.  Then maybe it would be possible
to detect this problem in the configure script.

Pavel Roskin

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