Re: Little change


> See small change in MC-4.5.55 for compatibility with Z-Shell-4.1.0-dev-1
> in attached file.

diff -ur old/subshell.c new/subshell.c
--- old/subshell.c	Fri Aug 24 00:51:11 2001
+++ new/subshell.c	Wed Jul  3 13:06:48 2002
@@ -338,7 +338,13 @@
 	     * (Debian-mc-maintainer) <grisu debian org> from a patch from
 	     * Radovan Garabik <garabik center fmph uniba sk>
-	    execl (shell, "zsh", "-Z", NULL);
+	  /*	    execl (shell, "zsh", "-Z", NULL); */
+	  /* Changed by Alexander Valentinovich Smirnoff
+	     <sasha k806 mainet msk su>
+	     for compatibility with Z-Shell version 4.1.0-dev-1
+	     Flag "-Z" deleted, because it is in on by default
+	  */
+	    execl (shell, "zsh", "-i", NULL);

As far as I know, -Z (enable line editor) is not default on some OSes.  
I'm not aware of any reasons to use "-i" explicitly.

By the way, the comments should not be about what has been changed, they
shoud describe what the code currently does.  Developers working on this
code after you should not normally have to look at the old code just to
understand your comment.

Pavel Roskin

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