Re: Compilation problem on FreeBSD 4.4


> > > I am getting:
> > > edit.c: In function `free_selections':
> > > edit.c:1606: `selection_history' undeclared (first use in this function)

I remember compiling mc just before releasing 4.5.55 on either FreeBSD 
4.2 or FreeBSD 4.3.

I think that something is wrong with a hack that made it possible to
initialize variables in the header file edit.h.  File edit.c used to
define _EDIT_C to THIS_IS, which was used to deternime whether the file
wants a declaration with a value or without.

My guess is that either _EDIT_C or THIS_IS is redefined somewhere.  This 
hack doesn't exist in the current source.  You may want to take the latest 
snapshot from

Pavel Roskin

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