Re: mc-4.5.99a

On Thu, 7 Feb 2002, Pavel Roskin wrote:

> Actually, the whole scheme for ncurses detection should be simplified.
> Currently MC cannot find ncurses on QNX Neutrino 6.1.0 because it mimics
> old curses too closely.

yes - it can be hard distinguishing between versions of curses (as you
may see from the macros I've written for tin/lynx).  I do have a QNX
to experiment with, but haven't been on it recently.  (ncurses does
build, but there is some problem with the linker - it prefers using
the system's shared libraries rather than the static ones I prefer
for testing - but libtool does have that case addressed).

> > 	d) before that ("c" took some work ;-), I found that mc was treating
> > 	   the resize event as a SIGTSTP.  That was fixed by the ifdef in
> > 	   key.c
> I could not find any references to SIGTSTP in key.c.  My understanding is
> that your patch makes MC ignore KEY_RESIZE.  I wonder if the screen can
> actually be resized at this time.

The code (further down in that module) was and'ing KEY_RESIZE with 0xff,
which made it equal ^Z, and consequently interpreted as SIGTSTP.  I don't
think it was apparent before - my recollection is that MC was using its
own signal handler.  (Perhaps a bug in the way I set it up - ncurses
sigwinch was probably active, otherwise I wouldn't have gotten that

> > no problem.  When is the next version to be completed?  (So I know to come
> > back and fix the mouse, if needed, before then).
> I'm currently considering end of March for the 4.6 release.
> Unfortunately, my job in AT&T Labs takes too much of my time and resources
> (yet it's a great place to work), but I hope to be able to work on MC
> anyways.

ok - then I probably have time to revisit it.  That was the xterm mouse
(I had configured without gpm, to simplify debugging).  The cursor keys
work properly (but that was surprising since ESCDELAY is set to 0 - so
I still have a couple of unanswered questions).  The original report that
got me looking at MC is that running the editor on FreeBSD produces some
screen trash.

T.E.Dickey <dickey herndon4 his com>

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