mc and samba winbind problem


Recently I found that mc would not startup when the winbindd daemon
(part of samba)is runing on the system. This behaviour is triggered by
the line in nsswitch 'group: files,winbind'. Without this line mc
starts up even with winbind.
I'm not sure where to search for the problem, in smaba or mc. But since
samba seems to do the group and user authentication just right I'm
tempted to blame mc.
Since I would like to continue using mc, I'm where interested to solve
this problem.

I'm using:
GNU Midnight Commander 4.5.55
Edition: text mode
Virtual File System: tarfs, extfs, ftpfs, mcfs, undelfs
With builtin Editor
Using S-Lang library with terminfo database
With subshell support as default
With support for background operations
With mouse support on xterm and Linux console
Using default locale

samba 2.2.7a on SuSE 8.0
any more information required to solve this mystery? I#m more then
glad to provide as much as I can.


Without love intelligence is dangerous;
without intelligence love is not enough.
                -- Ashley Montagu

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