Re: [PATCH] xterm titlebar

On Thu, 12 Dec 2002, Adam Byrtek 'alpha' wrote:

> A patch to display mc's current working dir in xterm titlebar. I made it
> mostly for my own personal use - I often have many instances of mc on my
> desktop (sometimes shaded, sometimes minimized) and meaningful title
> helps me recognize one that I look for.
> DISCLAIMER: This patch is probably bad for you, Pavel. It works, but I
> don't say its elegant or applied in a good place.

Maybe you could put it to the bug tracking system?  You can write a
feature request and attach your patch.  The good thing is that all the
replies and suggestions will be in one place, connected to that bug.

It's easier to find information in the bug tracking system than in the
mailing list.  Every bug has one topic, while threads in the mailing lists
can change the topic gradually.

Having a database of feature requests would be helpful for further
development.  Even an incomplete patch would show that the submitter
really wants the issue to be addressed.

Pavel Roskin

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