Re: Moving from ~/.cedit to ~/.mc

Hi, Miguel!

> > I suggest that MC doesn't use the ".cedit" directory and uses ".mc" for
> > the files that it currently looks for in ".cedit".  The main reason is
> > that the "Syntax" file conflicts with Cooledit.
> Do we have any words from Paul on integrating maybe the new cooledit
> with MC?

I think it's not realistic, except very limited pieces of code, e.g.
syntax support.

I'd rather have a well-tested (as part of MC) editor with less features
than an feature-rich editor that crashes in the newly merged code.

Just check the recent changes to mcedit - it now uses many facilities of
MC, such as VFS, subshell, charset translation, safer temporary files.
Also mcedit is more careful about resources - the syntax rules are not
loaded if syntax highlighting is disabled.  It's very handy on embedded
devices with limited memory (yes, I work with the devices where it

Anyway, I'm copying the message to Paul, so that he gets a chance to
participate in this discussion.

Pavel Roskin

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