vfs/ftpfs New feature on Solaris 2.7

# ls -la /etc | grep '^D'
Dr--r--r--   1 root     root           0 Sep 25 12:49 .name_service_door
Drw-r--r--   1 root     root           0 Sep 25 12:49 .syslog_door

This causes a parse error.

man ls
    The mode printed under the -l option consists of ten charac-
     ters. The first character may be one of the following:

     d         the entry is a directory;

     D         the entry is a door;

     l         the entry is a symbolic link;
     -F        Mark directories with a trailing slash (/),  doors
               with  a trailing greater-than sign (>), executable
               files with a trailing asterisk (*), FIFOs  with  a
               trailing  vertical  bar (|), symbolic links with a
               trailing at-sign (@), and AF_UNIX  address  family
               sockets with a trailing equals sign (=).

man door_info
Miscellaneous Library Functions                     door_info(3X)

     door_info  -  return  information  associated  with  a  door

     cc  [ flag ... ] file ... -ldoor [ library ... ]
     #include <door.h>

     int door_info(int d, struct door_info *info);

     The  door_info()  function  returns  information  associated
     with  a  door  descriptor.  It obtains information about the
     door  descriptor  d  and  places  the  information  that  is
     relevant to the door in the structure pointed to by the info

     The structure pointed to by the info argument  contains  the
     following members:

     pid_t           di_target;      /* door server pid */
     door_ptr_t      di_proc;        /* server function */
     door_ptr_t      di_data;        /* data cookie for invocation */
     door_attr_t     di_attributes;  /* door attributes */
     door_id_t       di_uniquifier;  /* unique id among all doors */

     The di_target member is the process ID of the  door  server,
     or -1 if the door server process has exited.

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