Re: syntax for php

Hi, Max!

> here is syntax file for php language

Thank you!

I'm sorry to tell you that there is a small problem.  There is already
php.syntax in the CVS repository, by Stephen Perez.  I copied it recently
from cooledit-3.17.4.

I have compared those files, and they are very different.  It looks like
that they were written independently.  It's very unfortunate, that
the developer's time is wasted because the code is not shared between
Cooledit and MC.

Please review the existing php.syntax and at least consider what you could
merge.  Even if everything from Stephen's php.syntax is in your
php.syntax, please still preserve his copyright and add a note about your

It you are not using CVS, you can get php.syntax from GNOME LXR:

Pavel Roskin

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