Re: User editor menu in .cedit

Hi, David!

On Sat, 15 Sep 2001, David Martin wrote:

> Sorry if I'm out of the wave. Last week I compiled the latest snapshot and
> the editor files were saved (as expected) in ~/.mc/cedit but I got an error
> when trying to edit the editor menu (user, not local). It was trying to edit
> the file in ~/.cedit.
> I'll try again with this snapshot.

I'm fixing it right now.

You are not out of the wave.  It is very important that users report bugs,
because no developer is perfect and nobody can check all functionality,
especially in interactive software.

As a side note, I have finally fixed "mc -x", which have never worked, but
which description has been translated into many languages.

It looks like that I broke gpm support while doing that, but I'm going to
fix it today.

The snapshot with fixed "Menu ediTor edit" has been uploaded.

Pavel Roskin

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