Re: clocks in mc

What about a small dialog (green?) showing date and time with an easy key

*8-) David

On 08 Sep 2001 23:58:53 -0400, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

|  > > 6) clocks in right up corner. If using on Linux, clocks update only
if key 
|  > > pressed (may be need to change something in getch_with_delay() ?)
|  > 
|  > I do not quite like this feature. It makes mc do "something" even when
|  > it is idle. If you want clock, well, put them into kernel or run X and
|  > use them as applet. This is filemanager, not clock-showing program.
|  This also gets bad when you are working over a dialup line.  Too much
|  latency.
|  Sure, it can be turned off, but if you ever turn it on, and you happen
|  to login remotely to your machine, you will just suffer for having the
|  feature on.


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