Verbose debug msgs at startup (fwd)

Hi, Wayne!

It looks like it has to do with the samba code.  Could you please look at

Pavel Roskin

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Date: Sat, 8 Sep 2001 11:25:11 +0200
From: wwp <subscript free fr>
To: mc-devel gnome org
Subject: Verbose debug msgs at startup


I'm getting these verbose debug messages, when launching mc 4.5.55
(compiled from tar.gz on a SuSE linux box, GNU bash 2.04.0):

  doing parameter log file = /var/log/samba/log.%
  doing parameter socket options = TCP_NODELAY
  doing parameter bind interfaces only = true
  doing parameter interfaces =
  doing parameter dns proxy = no
  doing parameter guest account = wwp
  pm_process() returned Yes
  lp_servicenumber: couldn't find homes
  codepage_initialise: client code page = 850
  load_client_codepage: loading codepage 850.
  Adding chars 0x85 0xb7 (l->u = True) (u->l = True)
  Adding chars 0x9c 0x0 (l->u = False) (u->l = False)
  Added interface ip= bcast= nmask=
  smbfs_init(): $USER:root

I guess that my request maybe a newbie's stupid one, but how to disable
this debug msgs??

For info, here is the way I've configured mc compilation:

  rm -f config.cache && ./configure --with-samba --with-ext2undel
   --with-tm-x-support --with-x --enable-shared --disable-debug


    Source code location:       .
    Compiler:                   gcc
    Compiler flags:             -g -O2 -Wall
    File system:                Midnight Commander Virtual File System
                                tarfs, mcfs, ftpfs, fish, smbfs, undelfs
    Text mode screen manager:   SLang (system-installed library) with terminfo
    Install console saver:      yes
    Text mode mouse library:    GPM and xterm
    Text mode X11 support:      yes
    Debugger code:              none
    With subshell support:      yes
    X11 versions:               Gnome
    Internal editor:            yes
    Install path:               /usr/local/bin, /usr/local/lib/mc

The most amazing point is that I get these debug msgs only at home, I tried at
the office (QUITE the same linux box), same ./configure method, got the same
"Configuration" sum-up, but mc isn't verbose at all at startup!!

Thanks in advance for any piece of advice,
best regards


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