Re: --with-samba problems

Hello, Walery!

> About smb.conf: In my RH71 system I have /etc/samba/smb.conf, so maybe
> it is not a good idea to hardcode /etc/smb.conf?

I agree.  It would be much better to link mc against already installed
libsamba than to use the old library included with the MC sources.  The
reasons are obvious:

1) The included library doesn't know where samba has its configuration

2) Security - there have been many security fixes in samba since version
2.0.4a included with MC.

3) Other fixes and general maintenance.  The included library doesn't
support broadcast on Linux 2.4.x with glibc-2.2.x.  I believe it's fixed
in the later versions of samba.

4) Distribution size.  Why distribute all that code if samba provides a
shared library?

Unfortunately, many people lose interest to the project as soon as their
patches are applied.

Pavel Roskin

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