Re: --enable-largefile brakes smbfs

Hello, Andrew!

> Well, I cannot say smbfs works ok at all, but
> --enable-largefile brake mc's smbfs.

That's why it's not called mc-4.6 yet.

> smbfs_readdir returns right filenames but smbfs_(l)stat gets broken ones.
> There is something wrong with parameters lengths calculation in stack
> - filename became as filename + 4.

That's very strange, considering that smbfs_stat only takes pointers.  My 
experience is that debuggers cannot generally be trusted when strange 
things happen.  Only debug printing can be fully trusted.  I'm sorry that 
I'll be very busy during this week, but you are welcome to fix the problem 
and commit the change, just don't forget to inform the list about it.

> It costed me a pretty fish.

Sorry for that.

> Another problem with smbfs is not related to LFS.
> Two first shares cannot be viewed and even more - 
> two first entries in first level directory are substituted by these
> shares.  First entry in these directories has right attributes but
> a dot instead of its real name. smbfs_readdir returns right one.

You can use "--disable-largefile" to check that it's really not related.  
I would also try different versions of Windows and the latest Samba 

Pavel Roskin

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