Re: MC for Win32 revival

Am Samstag, 27. Oktober 2001 15:04 schrieb William Scott Lockwood III:
> YES!!!!!  Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!  I
> have been struggling to get it to compile under Cygwin, and it did, but I
> can't seem to make it run outside the Cygwin envirnment!

Am Samstag, 27. Oktober 2001 21:07 schrieb Miguel de Icaza:
> > 1. Who else is interrested (or even active) in reviving the Win32 Port ?
> > 1a. Any interrest in building mc with M$-VC++ or Borland C++ (otherwise I
> > will only support mingw-gcc )
> I would like to see MC running on Windows.  Although I am wondering if
> it is not just trivial to port it using Cygwin?

Yes, a cygwin port will be more or less trivial.
Cygwin understands automake/autoconf, and also has most posix functions.

The problem is that most Windows users want a "native" Windows port.
They want to have the drive letters, and all this.

I once succeeded building mc-4.1.36 with cygwin, and I didn't like it.
Although I love Linux and the bash. 

But mixing  Unix with Windows does cause a lot of headache, and cygwin does 
Most problems occur using cygwin-applications together with "native" Windows 
Example : with cygwin you can create symlinks that every cygwin-application 
understands. But if you try to launch a native Windows Application on such a 
symlink, this fails.

> > 2. mc now uses glib - can anyone tell me (in short - one or two
> > sentences) what this lib is good for ?
> > (I'm trying to decide weather to remove the dependency on glib from MC
> > for Win32, or to merge in the existing win32-glib-port which was done for
> > the GIMP)
> Hashtables, lists, event loop (which we should probably move to dropping
> the one we have currently, as it is pretty limited)

OK - then we should try to use glib also with Windows.

Luckyly, glib has already been ported to Windows.

> Miguel


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