Re: [smbfs]: win2k shares can be browsed


> I applied patch from samba-2.0.7 patchset which
> fixes some smbfs vs Win2k problem.
> After this patch win2k shares can be browsed.

Thank you!  I've made the snapshot with it.

> ChangeLog:
> 	* samba/libsmb/clientgen.c (cli_RNetShareEnum): Fix Win2k 
> 	"out of server memory" error.  From samba 2.0.7 patchset.

If you are familiar with Samba maybe you could ask them to make a "real"
shared library with documented interface?  I'm sure there are more changes
in Samba that would be useful in MC, but updating the code by hand is
perhaps not the best solution in the long term.

Another problem that would be solved is that the samba library in MC and
system installed Samba don't always share configuration files and actually
may _need_ different configuration files (because the Samba versions are

Pavel Roskin

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