Re: ogg123 in mc.ext

Hello, Marcel!

> Here it gives me this output on an ogg file:
> Bitstream is 2 channel, 44100Hz
> Time: 05:17.85 [00:-0.01] of 05:17.84, Bitrate: 220.2
> Done.
> ao_null: 3656 bytes sent to null device.

Not nice.

> I can't say that's too interesting.
> I'd rather see the title, album, artist and bitrate.
> Maybe ogginfo is better for this. It doesn't accept any options
> though, so maybe grepping the interesting lines might be appropriate?

Thank you.  I didn't know about ogginfo.  It's much better to use
specialized software that to trick the player into displaying the info.

> > I also added support for *.mid (without viewer) and changed the
> "Open"
> > rules to play *.mp3 and *.ogg in xmms if $DISPLAY is set.
> Well, I don't really know what to say to that.
> The reason why i use mc is because it's lightweight, flexible and
> featurefull.
> I can't agree on the lightweight part of xmms.

I'm just trying to follow the existing tradition, when mc tries to use X
programs under X so that they run in a separate window and MC is ready to
be used immediately.

Pavel Roskin

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