Re: Lost messages from the old mailing-lists

Hello, Frédéric!

> Hi. It seems nobody sent announcements about the move to the
> old mailing-lists , or just lost them, so if
> you can take a look at the following messages:

All the subsribers have been subscribed to the list. But we forgot about
non-subscribers. Sorry for that.

I've just sent the announcements. Better late than never.


It's a bug. I'm adding it to my todo list:

$ finger proski gnu org | grep achown
achown forgets permissions after changing the group


This one (two?) is already there:

$ finger proski gnu org | grep Slackware
cannot open master side of pty on Slackware 7.0 - fallback to -u ?
problems communicating with cons.saver on Slackware 7.0

It looks like that error processing in cons.saver doesn't work well. I
believe that Slackware ships with /dev/vcs* not accessible by users. Since
cons.saver is no longer setuid, it hangs instead of exiting.

I'll not make cons.saver setuid again, but a graceful fallback to a mode
without screen saving and/or subshell could be a good solution.

This is one the of high-priopity bugs - the new version should not be
released without having it fixed.

By the way, I believe we need a better bug database that my .plan file.

Pavel Roskin

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