Re: VFS crash fixed

Pavel Roskin wrote:
: Hello!
: This is perhaps one of the most serious bugs in MC I have ever fixed. The
: `columns' array wasn't cleaned up in vfs_split_text(). If the new string
: had less fields (i.e. spaces) than the old one, the some of the values in
: `columns' would point to the old string. Occasionally MC would try to
: access the "old" memory. This can cause it to crash, since the filesystems
: are freed after a timeout.
. . . 
: I remember rare crashes in MC after intensive use of different types of
: VFS. This must be the fix for that problem.

It seems now mc will crash after derefencing of NULL(s). 
The real problem is a buffer overflow. There are a lot of places where 
index is incremented without checking of real number of members in columns.
May be it is more right to write a columns () function to return nth element
of that array. 
And now it is more right fill `columns' with pointers to empty string ("").


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