Re: zh_TW.Big5.po: illegal control sequence

Hi, Pablo!

> > It's one more restriction on the build system for CVS users.
> is it such a hard restriction?

I think it is. I don't know about other distributions, but RedHat 7.1
ships 0.10.35. They have gettext-0.10.37-2 in RawHide which I have
successfully installed.

I personally would never ask people to upgrade some software to make MC
compile because of some issues in a translation that most people on this
list are highly unlikely to use. But since you took this responsibility,
let's go ahead with the new gettext.

I tried gettext 0.10.36 before, and it would report an error on the Tamil
translation. Now it's just a warning, which is good.

I also tested the charset translation with 0.10.37. MC works fine with
LANG=ru_RU.ISO8859-5 on rxvt with an iso-8859-5 font. But the hints are
displayed incorrectly, because they are not using gettext. However, MC
without hints looks perfectly. Russian Solaris users will be happy.

Unfortunately, gmc doesn't work correctly with LANG=ru_RU.ISO8859-5. Maybe
it's fixed in the head branch of Gtk+.

> > I'd rather be invalid with 0.10.37 than illegal with 0.10.35 <grin>
> it could be converted to utf-8.

Only if it's convenient for our Taiwanese colleagues.

> the problem will then be: are there some systems that have a gettext()
> implementation that cna't convert between po encoding and user encoding
> (eg: po file in utf-8, runtime display in big5) ?

The "--with-included-gettext" option would help, provided that we upgrade
the "intl" directory to 0.10.37. However, I'll only do it after GMC is
branched off. I believe that all GNOME programs should use the same
gettext and that the transition should be performed for all GNOME
software in the same time.

I don't know if it's going to happen. I doubt that it will happen soon.
But if the MC head branch removes GNOME support, will be
changed to retrieve the internal (i.e. not linked) "intl" directory, and
the later will be upgraded.

Pavel Roskin

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