Upgrading gmc.sgml to DocBook V4.1


I have modified gmc.sgml to use the official DocBook V4.1 DTD, as opposed
to the "PNG Variant V1.1".

I believe the only reason for the existance of the "PNG Variant" was
purely political - PNG wasn't supported by DocBook V3.0, and all other
formats were either lossy or proprietary or had patent problems.

Now DocBook 4.1 supports PNG and it's quite widespread - RedHat 7.1 ships
with it. On the other hand, the "PNG Variant" doesn't work with RedHat
7.1, because gdp-both.dsl hardcodes some filenames that don't exist

Another important feature of DocBook 4.1 is that it doesn't try to write
it's output to the same directory where the input file resides, thus
greatly simplifying the steps necessary for "make distcheck" to pass.

On the other hand, DocBook 4.1 (actually the underlying openjade) requires
genindex.sgml to exist. Whoever added genindex.sgml to gmc.sgml didn't
provide a script to create it, and believe me, it wasn't trivial to write
such script. Oh, I know who it was:

revision 1.7
date: 2000/04/10 15:59:13;  author: dcm;  state: Exp;  lines: +665 -732


Nice comment :-)

I have also fixed generation of gmc.ps - it's not pretty and it depends on
"convert" from ImageMagick, but it works.

I realize that by doing this change I'm imposing new requirements on the
software needed for compiling MC from CVS. It wasn't an easy decision, but
the new versions of gmc will ship with new distributions.

This problem should go away for most of us when the text-only branch is
created. In the meantime you can install DocBook 4.1 or use my snapshots


Well, you can also use "touch doc-gnome/C/index.html"

Pavel Roskin

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