New ftp dialog patch

Here is the patch to make ftp dialog with ftp links, like in far manager.

Why? It is not very conveniet to type full ftp path with
username and password again and again without this dialog.
Command history strips password and directory name from the ftp cd_path
so it is inconvenient too.

Well. Ftp links are listed in ~/.mc/ftplinks file in the following format,
which is clear from the example:

username:password www myhost com Myhost (username)
user2:xxxxxx ftp host2 net Host 2 link

The ftp link title is optional. If it is not specified
the ftp link path itself will be used as a title in the links menu.

This ftp dialog replaces old "command-line" ftp dialog.
The first menu entry in the new dialog is "Old-style ftp dialog",
so if user wants to use old-style one he just have to type <Enter>.

If there is no ~/.mc/ftplinks a warning is printed and
old-style ftp dialog is used instead.

PS: It is very easy to unify this dialog and use it not only for FTP
but also for NFS and SMB links.

Regards, Walery

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