Re: mc failed to compile with --enable-charset

Hi, Walery!

> ^-- DO NOT declare eight_bit_clean and full_eight_bits if HAVE_CHARSET

This is wrong.  I'll fix it.  There is not reason why full_eight_bits and
eight_bit_clean should not be defined when the charset recoding is
enabled.  They make sence whether you are using charset support or not
because they describe the terminal.

The problem with "^O" on xterm when zsh is used (described by Dmitry Yu.
Bolkhovityanov) is actually related to this problem.

MC does not use is_printable() consistently (in fact, lack of consistency
is the biggest problem of MC).  You can set "display bits" to "7 bits" and
yet non-ascii characters will appear in the file names on panels and in
the prompt (e.g. if you enter a directory with a non-ASCII name).

I believe that some people will try --enable-charset and will report
problems without patches even if it will be marked as experimental.
That's why I'm moving this problem to my TODO list for "before 4.5.55".

Patches will be appreciated as long as they are documented and contain
ChangeLog entries.

Pavel Roskin

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