Re: Intelligent VFS symlink

> > +int
> > +mc_symlink (char *oldpath, char *newpath)
> Using VFS is probably wrong.  It's not uncommon to compile mc without VFS
> for embedded systems.  Users of mc without VFS will not be able to use
> Ctrl+X S Enter in the way you are describing for no real reason.

Sorry for follow-up.  I've looked into do_link() in src/cmd.c and it seems
to be the right place to make MC "intelligent".

I have fixed a nasty bug right away.  It was impossible to hardlink
e.g. devices - MC would silently refuse to do it.  So make sure you have
up-to-date CVS repository.

By the way, it would be nice to be able to hardlink into directories as
well.  Let's make MC more consistent than it is now.

Maybe it's a good idea to have a common dialog with two checkboxes -
"Symbolic link" and "Dive into subdir if exists"?

Pavel Roskin

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