Mangled prompt in xterm under XFree86 4.x

    This should be well-known, but I couldn't find anything in the list
archives and bugzilla.

    In xterm under XFree86 4.x the prompt is "prefixed" with a "^O", so that
instead of e.g. "goofy:~ " one sees "^Ogoofy:~" (shell is zsh with
PS1='%m:%~%# ').

    AFAIK, this problem appeared at least since RedHat 6.2, i.e. *before*
XFree 4.x, but it was caused by inclusion of 4.x's termcap entries into
termcap/terminfo.  It is still there in 4.5.54 under RH7.1.

    Can anything be done to this?  I haven't seen this problem in any other

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