Re: [bugreport] can't search files containing text in .tar[.gz] files, misc bugreports and wishitems

Hi, Tomasz!

> Some feactures can be enabled conditionaly. IMHO this kind hacks can be
> enabled in this way for example by --enable-term-hacks on autoconf
> level (?). Maybe after separate this tings conditionaly You will see how
> many distribution will enable this and how deeper is sense adding this
> kind ad choc solution :_>

Already done with mcserv and charset support.  More options will be added
after 4.5.55 when we switch to Automake everywhere.  Automake conditionals
without Automake look ugly.

> BTW next thing TODO. Is someone thinking about remove from mc source code
> slang library ? Seems current curses support isn't correct and if someone
> want use mc with libgpm (which is usualy linked with ncurses or termcap)
> as consequence this makes neccessary linking with static mc builtin slang
> library and shared ncurses/termcap (for gpm). If someone decide enable gpm
> in mc it will be good disable building included slang and choose as term
> library this which is now linked with system libgmp or if not print some
> warnings about linking with more than one term library.

I know about this problem.  Included slang used to solve one problem - you
could download MC on any UNIX clone and compile it without any external
libraies.  It's no longer true now since MC requires glib.  I'm
overwhelmed with personal messages telling me that MC fails to compile
because something is wrong with glib.

I'm not going to remove internal slang for now, but I'm considering
removing all support for curses libraries other than ncurses.  If we
integrate a terminal into MC we may also want to add pdcurses/X11 support

Support for old UNIX curses libraries has never worked well, even when it
was maintained.  It must be broken beyond repare now.

The solution with gpm would be to load it dynamically when running on the
Linux console.  In a similar vein, libX11 could be loaded dynamically for
ctlr_pressed() and similar stuff if $DISPLAY is set.

Another solution would be to integrate relevant parts of libgpm into MC
(they don't need ncurses), but you won't like it even if it added just 1k,
I believe.  No, I'm not suggesting integrating libX11 :-)

> PS. Using AM_GNU_GETTEXT instead AM_GNOME_GETTEXT problem is still
> unresolved and can be still solved by simple
> s/AM_GNOME_GETTEXT/AM_GNU_GETTEXT/ without any bad consequences because

I don't understand what you are talking about.  I did all that weeks ago.

Pavel Roskin

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