Re: bugreports and wishitems

Hi, Miguel!

> Those should have been applied to MC.  I think that some of those
> patches went behind me even knowing they were there.


We are just 8 bugs away from the next version. It's a short overview, not
intended to be clear and correct :-)

1) gmc doesn't remove temporary files in my_system() - probably should put
"/bin/rm -f /tmp/tmpfile" to the end of /tmp/tmpfile instead of keeping
track of children in gutil.c (it doesn't work and cannot be easily fixed).

2) do something with strcoll() - I hate it, but it must be done to make
everybody happy. Most likely solution - triple choice:

3) file search with text doesn't work in GMC - I already tried to fix it,
but that time I didn't look at the existing code that runs processes from
gmc. Should be easy now when I understand why I failed the first time.

4) "You have new mail" on the remote side prevents copying files over 4k
in size to the fish filesystem. Hopefully not very hard to fix because of
that 4k limit.

5) Advanced chown forgets permissions after changing the group. Security
related, must be fixed. May involve playing with text widgets, but without
redesigning the dialog. Should be easy.

6) cannot remap F17 to Shift-F7 on Linux console. Generally, the keys
loaded from mc.lib cannot be overridden with the keys from ~/.mc/ini.
Makes using MC on the console quite unpleasant. Fixing may require
learning how key processing is implemented. Look like it's a search tree -
may take time to understand and fix. Since "learn keys" can replace keys
in runtime, should not involve adding new functionality to the tree.

7) Stylesheet images are missing in the gmc documentation. My fault - I
tried to fix the gmc documentation without looking how it works in other
GNOME projects. Take a "well behaving" GNOME application and take the
whole thing (makefiles, scripts) from it. Ditch mkhtml.

8) %b in doesn't work as advertized. May cause data loss.
Should implement separate expand_format() for the editor.

If nothing bad happens to me I hope to finish that list by the middle of

In the meantime, I'm ready to apply bugfixes and minimal, well-documented
feature enhancements.

Pavel Roskin

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