Re: Patch for dot-files sort order under glibc 2.2

Hi, Dmitry!

>     The idea is trivial -- "ad" and "bd" flags change from boolean to
> integers (they are integers anyway, because of "bd-ad"), and "ISDIR" gets
> bigger weight than "is-dot-file".

The problem is not specific to the dot. Files beginning with other
punctuation characters, such as "=" are also sorted by the first letter:

$ ls -1

>     I'm crossposting it to mc-devel (sorry if it isn't needed).

You are correct, patches should go to mc-devel.

>     As to case mixing in name sort, there is a "FIXME" note just before
> #define string_sortcomp, so somebody obviously realized the problem before,
> but yet with no solution.

It was me :-)
"cvs annotate" is your friend.

Pavel Roskin

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