Re: more feature requests and bugreports

On Wed, 11 Jul 2001, Vlad Harchev wrote:

> > * bug: In viewer - pressing Home should position the screen not only to 0th
> > 	line, but also to 0th column

 Not a bug IMHO.

>  And also one that will make mcedit much more usable for programmers:
> * frq: command "jump to matching brace/bracket" - that will position the
> 	cursor under the brace that is opposite to the one under the cursor,
> 	and on the same nesting level. mcedit already highlights the matching
> 	brace, the only thing needed is to jump there (sometimes
> 	matching braces are  too far from the cursor to be visible).

 That's already in my version (~2 weeks old snapshop) and Steef posted a
patch to make the hotkey (M-b) work.

 I'd like to add two bugs.

 1) M-backspace erases too much nowadays as in:

$ somecommand somefile<M-backspace>
$ /a/path<M-backspace>

 in both these cases the separator will be erase aswell. Annoying in MO.

 2) Changes made using 'Learn keys' isn't remembered/sticky when done on
the console.


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