Enter when menu active is fixed


I've fixed another annoying long-standing bug. "Enter" runs the command
line even if the menubar is active.

The fix is incomplete. The keyboard shortcuts other than Ctrl-x
combinations don't work when the menu is active. But they didn't work
before the patch. I've added a FIXME about this problem.

I don't think that file selection commands (+, -, *) should work with the
active menu, so I don't consider disabling them as a bug. The same applies
to completion (Alt-TAB).

       * main.c (midnight_callback): Don't handle any events except
       Ctrl-x combinations on DLG_KEY event if the menu is active.

--- main.c
+++ main.c
@@ -1994,7 +1994,11 @@ midnight_callback (struct Dlg_head *h, i

 #ifndef HAVE_X
-	if (id == KEY_F(10) && !the_menubar->active){
+	/* FIXME: should handle all menu shortcuts before this point */
+	if (the_menubar->active)
+	    break;
+	if (id == KEY_F(10)){
 	    quit_cmd ();
 	    return MSG_HANDLED;

Pavel Roskin

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