Re: README patch (Re: More documentation cleanups)

Pavel Roskin wrote:

>> - uses the mirrors.                

> Not sure what you mean.  I don't see it in the patch.

Try to connect to It uses the mirrors, not the
same old and busy site. BTW, the mirrors mirror from ? Good
question. A secret ?

I removed "Please note that this is a very busy site; use a
mirror if possible."

> What about the undelete and 2.0 Kernel part ? Fixed in
> recent 2.0 ? 2.0.39 ?  

> I'm sorry, but I have no time to investigate.

Maybe Pavel Machek know...

0 pervalidus {net, {dyndns.}org} Tel: 55-21-2717-2399 (Niterói-RJ BR)

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