Re: uzip extfs new release - 1.4.0


> Thank you for your contribution!  I'll review it shortly.

I've applied the new version.

The testing has shown that copying empty files into the archive doesn't
work.  However, it's an MC problem.  I have fixed it.  I'll send it as a
separate message.

The problem you noted in README.uzip about permissions can be solved by
inlementing extfs_chmod.  I have a minimal implemenation that only works
on the files for which local copies already exist - it should be
sufficient for now.  This also will be a separate message.

I agree with you about symbolic links.  It's a common MC problem - MC
always runs stat() on symlinks.  This is really annoying on slow FTP
sites.  This can be solved by having an option to stat() symlinks on
demand only.  But it's quite hard to implement, because it would require
changing the `file_entry' structure.

It should be changed anyway to support files for which lstat() has failed
(e.g. files >4Gb if MC is compiled without largefile support).  But it's
certainly too much for 4.5.55 - I'll do it later.

Pavel Roskin

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