Re: mc: new translation


> > You have included the charset name in the name of the hint file.  If
> > anybody sets "LANG=zh_TW" in the environment, the hints file won't be
> > loaded, even though zh_TW assumes the Big5 charset.
> Not sure if I've done wrong, but it's a difficult decision. The transition
> from native Big5 encoding to UTF8 is ongoing, so it's quite impossible to
> tell what encoding users are using. It's just because the hint file itself
> is using big5 encoding that I choosed to include the .Big5 name (as those
> using other encoding can't see it anyway). But probably I can be wrong as
> you have indicated. Since...... (see below)

I didn't think about it.  I assumed that "LANG=zh_TW" has only one
interpretation on all systems - the same as "LANG=zh_TW.Big5".  I have
seen a suggestion to keep all translations in Unicode.  Another solution
would be to use the most popular encoding and specify the encoding in the

In any case, doing it requires a better integration of gettext into MC
(to determine the current encoding).  Hopefully, this will be done some

> mc is reading $LANGUAGE before $LANG. However $LANGUAGE can include
> multiple languages separated by colon (e.g. de:fr:hu), so what I saw is
> the mc is searching for "/usr/..../mc/mc.hint.$LANGUAGE" , which of course
> doesn't exist. After I renamed the file to mc.hint.zh it worked. Obviously
> I have done too few testing before committing (the testing machine doesn't
> have $LANGUAGE set).

That's another reason to use more gettext functions in MC.  Anyway, I'm
glad that it works for you at all - I was wrongly assuming that it
doesn't.  Sorry for that.

Pavel Roskin

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