Re: some gmc (mc) development questions

Hello, Wilhelm!

> Im running gnome on all my machines on my net, and im not
> satisfied with the nautilus desktop/file manager, its to slow for my
> not so fast clients... so i switched to gmc and speed is a lot better
> now.. however there are some things im not satisfied with in gmc
> and i am considering joining the development to make those ideas
> come true!

You probably should discuss it in some more GNOME-specific mailing lists.
I know that some GNOME developers don't like Nautilus, but I have no idea
whether they would prefer impoving GMC or writing another light-weight
file manager.

> the features im thinking of adding are:
> *importing mime types from gnomes mime types, because these
> are easy to edit, and it lessens confusion between settings in
> nautilus (that uses there mimetypes) and gmc

This sounds good.  The fact that GMC is using its own mime types (or
associations between mime types and applications, I don't really know the
situation) makes it somewhat similar to Nautilus - it's not fully
integrated with the desktop.

> *adding small icons for files when viewing detailed list (now just
> folders appear)

I even remember seeing a patch for that.  But I'm not ready to discuss it.
I believe that small icons are hard to distinguish, but I'm not a GUI

> *some "right click" pop up menus on files and folders for more
> options

In fact, the popup code is in the MC sources, but it's commented out.
Perhaps because it's not finished.

> *"cut and paste" capability for files and folders (that is: more easy
> to use interface)

> do you think this seems like a good idea or am i just ranting?

I have never liked interface the that allows you to "cut" a 500Mb file on
a machine with 64Mb of RAM.  But since you are asking, you probably could
discuss it e.g. on gnome-gui-list gnome org 

> i have access to at least two more people who are willing to help
> me with this coding (that is friends of mine working at my location)

It's very good, but I really want that you discuss your changes with GUI

> and i read the devel mailing list, and read something about
> branching the console and the gmc versions to two different parts?

If you read that mailing list, you must have noticed that I'm asking not
to write me personally about software projects and that I reserve the
right to forward such messages to the list unless otherwise asked.  It's
not a private matter between me and you, so please don't be surprised.

> what does this mean, and would that mean that the things i want to
> do belongs to the gmc brach then?

Yes, certainly.  GMC will be removed from the head branch very soon.

Pavel Roskin

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