Re: Copy full filename to command line (Ctrl-F) patch

Hi, Walery!

> > Why are you using copy_full_prog_name() in two places - once in the table
> > and then by calling it explicitly?  Cannot we just do it is one place?  If
> > not, then I would like to fix the existing code first.
> Done.

My suspicion was correct.  Ctrl-F is already used to move one character
forward in all input widgets, including the command line.  It is one of
the Emacs keys.  It would be bad to use it for something else in the
ccommand line.

That's why it wasn't sufficient to add it to the table - because it is
handled after the individual widgets get chance to handle the key.

That's why I'm asking for the comments to the code.  If you had to hack
midnight_callback() because it doesn't work otherwise, please don't
hesitate to mention this fact - it's very important.

> > MC traditionally has symmetric shortcuts for the current and the other
> > panel, like "Atl-a" and "Alt-A" and even "Ctrl-x r" and "Ctrl-x Ctrl-r"
> > (I've never used the later - copy readlink from the other panel).  There
> > is no shortcut to copy the filename on the other panel.  Shouldn't we have
> > counterparts for Ctrl-Enter and the proposed Ctrl-F to work with the other
> > panel?
> IMHO commands for other panel is not so useful.

Not quite.  Suppose I have /usr/src/linux in the current panel and the
patch in the other.  Then I want to put the patch name on the command line
but stay in the same directory.

Different people have different abilities to remember shortcuts.  I'm
quite bad at it.  That's one of the reasons why I dosn't use Emacs.  But
other people have better memory than me, and I respect them.  I don't know
if anybody uses "Ctrl-x Ctrl-r" in MC, but copying the full path from the
other panel would be more useful than copying the link destination.

> > Where does Ctrl-F come from?  It's better that every shortcut is already
> > used somewhere, so that at least some people don't have to re-learn.
> >From the FAR manager. Just the other way about many people having
> experience with FAR manager expects this functionality.

I could not find Norton Commander, but I found Volcov Commander, and it
uses Ctrl-F to move the cursors one word backwards.  There is no single
convention here, by MC stands on the solid ground by emulating Emacs.

> is attached.
> Strage, but I have't found description for Meta-A there.

Feel free to fix.  There is a lot of stuff missing there :-(

Pavel Roskin

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