Re: --with-gpm-mouse problems

> Here's the patch against gpm-1.19.3.  I don't guarantee that it's secure.

Sorry, it's a patch against gpm-1.19.3 patched by RedHat.

> -  chmod(GPM_NODE_CTL,0700);
> +  chmod(GPM_NODE_CTL,0777);

This part is not needed in the official gpm.  This part comes from

If we want to use gpm on RedHat it may be needed to add another suid
wrapper, like cons.saver.  But I don't think using suid wrappers in
applications is a good idea.

I you are not allowed to read mouse events, then don't read them.  The
same applies to cons.saver and the console contents.

> -          if (strncmp(tty,"/dev/tty",8) || !isdigit(tty[8]))
> +          if ((strncmp(tty,"/dev/tty",8) && strncmp(tty,"/dev/vc/",8)) || !isdigit(tty[8]))

This still applies, but checking major and minor numbers would be a better
idea than checking the names.  It's not the only place where /dev/tty is
hardcoded.  I have no time to make a complete patch for gpm.  My priority
is to release MC as soon as possible.

Pavel Roskin

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