Re: Updated mc.hint

My only idea is that you should run "make clean" before

> ld: ERROR 33: Unresolved text symbol "bindtextdomain" -- 1st referenced
> by main.o.

My first idea is that you should run "make clean" before recompiling.
You should always do it after you reconfigure the source.

It is doesn't help please apply this patch to i18n.h, then remove
main.o, run make and show me the result.

--- i18n.h
+++ i18n.h
@@ -22,6 +22,7 @@
 #    	 define dgettext(Domain,Message) (Message)
 #    	 define dcgettext(Domain,Message,Type) (Message)
 #    	 define bindtextdomain(Domain,Directory) (Domain)
+#error 1
 #    	 define _(String) (String)
 #    	 define N_(String) (String)
 #    endif

> But I was wondering. Should gettext be used at all with the
> --disable-nls?
> I would guess that gettext is only necessary for NLS. Or am I mistaking?

You are right.  I was just showing you an example that reporting extra
data doesn't hurt if you are not sure whether this data is relevant or
not.  It's better to add extra info than to send e-mails back and forth.

Pavel Roskin

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