Re: Simple Idea for Gnome Journal

2006/1/30, Lucas Rocha <lucasr at mundo gmail com>:
> Hi all,
> I found this:
> This is funny! There could be something similar in Gnome Journal. One
> or two GNOME contributor interviews per release. Simple and nice
> content for our awesome journal. :-)

Well, I think there are quite a lot interviews out there. I would
suggest if we want to make something different :-) that we interview
more users. A question of focus. Nonetheless we should take everything
that is good. ;-) Not that I am not interested in interviews of
interesting people OSNews does a lot of them ( )

What are readers expecting from GNOME journal? To speak from myself I
would expect more than those short answers given at . As a vision I would like
GNOME journal to lighten the way - from the inside. There are many
articles about GNOME applications. I would like to see people with
vision to write there. GNOME journal should have something that other
sites do not. GNOME journal should eventually make it into the news
or, at least widespread in the blogosphere.



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