Join the promotion mailinglist!


Daniel Stone was kind enough to set us up a mailinglist so we can begin 
working together promoting the free desktop.

Personally, I very much appreciate to see this effort, I think it does make 
quite a lot of sense to join efforts between different projects. Working 
together, we can create much more momentum.

I'd like people to join the list promotion freedesktop org [ML] and start 
working together. 

So, everyone interested in this cross-project marketing and promoting effort, 
please subscribe to this list. Then we can search common ground, identify a 
couple of issues that help us all, and start working.

It has been long enough that we wasted time and energy by working against each 
other rather than helping each other to promote free software, especially on 
the desktop. If we want to make this (or the following years) the "Year of 
the Linux Desktop", it's about time we collaborate!

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