2.16 release page

Proposal for a common 2.16 release page covering Gnome 2.16 start page,
index of release notes and press release. 


- Get all the interesting stuff in one page.
- Get it translated in lots of languages.
- Avoid duplicated (and triplicated) texts.


- Informative title: not just "GNOME 2.14", let's find the most exciting
aspect that will define the current release.

- Summary: the magic paragraph that will condensate all the effort done
in a way that makes users, admins, developers and press get interested.
What do you want Slashdot and the blogs talking about? Put it here.

- Translations: the full list of languages this page is translated. You
don't do this in a press release? Try to find a better way to explain
the global impact this release has.

- Key features described: title followed by a short paragraph
description. Being the title a self-understandable sentence, not just a
word ("Videoconferencing with dolphins using Ekiga").

- Quotes (?): let's put a couple of cool quotes. If they are not really
cool, forget them. I mean, we shouldn't try to replicate the corporate
quotes that anyway the journalists of our sector dislike, not to talk
about our users, developers and community.

- Mini-about GNOME: The strict "what is GNOME (for you to understand)"
has been covered within the summary, spread in the several sentences.
Here we go a bit into details, exposing our marketing five stars and
linking to a good wgo/<about> page.

- Press & Media: Simple paragraph explaining to journalists how to
contact the GNOME Foundation for queries and link to wgo/<press> page
for local contacts. I dream we could have a press kit with a set of
amazing screenshots, print quality pictures of GNOME people (i.e. at
GUADEC), 3min focused podcasts of developers explaining what's new at a
decent radio quality and TV compatible screencasts. In other words, all
the materials journalists use to make news.

And then the release notes links (that would be included at the end of
the press release as "You can find more information about this, this,
this and that at www.gnome.oor/2.16":

* What's New For Users
* What's New For Developers             
* What's New For Administrators
* Internationalization
* (other remarks?) here we put other sections, if needed
* Try GNOME 2.16
* GNOME 2.18 roadmap


The comparison is attached in a PDF (OOo crashed when I was trying to
export to XHTML so badly that I have lost the source document...). The
pages compared are
http://www.gnome.org/start/2.14/notes/C/ (the content of this page is
deleted, I found it in the CVS
http://cvs.gnome.org/viewcvs/gnomeweb-wml/www.gnome.org/start/2.14/index.wml?rev=1.10 )

Quim Gil /// http://desdeamericaconamor.org | http://guadec.org

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