Re : [guadec-list] Re : murrayc bio & photo needed for GUADEC journal

> > Our speakers have sent various pictures in different sizes.  
> > Since Ludovic will work on the edition with scribus, maybe we shall ask his idea too. 
> 4 by 4 cm id card kind of foto, that should be 472x472 pixel @ 300 dpi if I'm not mistaken. 
> This is not a diplomatic photo, you can have lens, cover your ear and even smile ! ;-) 
> > Ludovic: are the pictures you have OK? or do we need to ask everyone 
> > to send pictures with a special quality? 
> I still haven't looked at them, I'll do it this afternoon and let you know. 
> I had to handle the workload of a coworker that left this week 
> so I've been a bit behind, sorry about that. 
  I've been throught 25 % and, well, we should probably re-ask them because it would
be too much editing work on photos. A lot of people told us to use their
avatar. They are just unsuitable.

I've spend part of the afternoon croping / resizing photos and  I would rather spend
that time on other things like the actual Program !
Sara, would you remind re-ask the photos ? I should have precise it way before,
my mistake. My appologies.

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