Re: banners

IMO, this is simple: the one using the existing GUADEC design.

The others are good as well. However, repetition is a key to every
advertising campaign.

I'd suggest to spit and polish the above entry a little bit. If it's
really a poster, the track description is irrelevant. And althought
it's quite clear that something is in Vilanova 2006, it's not clear
what's there -- why not use the GUADEC header form the website? It's
quite clear by saying "The GNOME conference".

The internet adress could be made a little bit more prominent, and we
should probably formulate it as an action: "Visit to
find out more.".

Moving the GNOME logo into the lower right corner (just like in
Andreas' poster 'Happy people'), rearranging the header and the
sponsor logos, and maybe testing whether the website orange would be
better than red, I'd say it will be ok.

It could also serve as the front page of the GUADEC Journal (with a
headlines about the content), and it shouldn't be too hard to make it a
banner, too.


On Sun, 30 Apr 2006 00:24:14 +0330
"Sara Khalatbari" <saracomput gmail com> wrote:

> Hi all
> Take a look at
> let's post comments & decide which one's best. We may need it for the
> journal also
> Sara

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