Re: murrayc bio & photo needed for GUADEC journal

On Fri, 28 Apr 2006 17:26:23 +0330
"Sara Khalatbari" <saracomput gmail com> wrote:
> There are no special rules/limitations for bio & photo. As we may edit them
> ourselves before they're printed. & participants have submitted different
> kinds of bios/photos on their profiles already. That's why I didn't define
> any exact rules at the first place.

I'd suggest to check for 300dpi image resolution for the final size.

If you deviate too much from this, lines that should be smooth
(the outline of shoulders, for instance) may appear blocky, a sort of
"rasterization effect" (sorry, I'm not sure about the English word).

This may happen with small images optimised for web usage (72dpi).


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