Re: [guadec-list] Re: GUADEC Printed program content

Behdad Esfahbod wrote:
On Sun, 16 Apr 2006, Ludovic Danigo wrote:
First we should define the format. Two options :
* A5 : small form, fit in the pocket, low content.
* A4 : magazine factor form, not a journal but yet can be filled content
* A3 : journal form factor, need lot of content to not feel "cheap"

The program really should be around A5, or nobody will carry it
around and it loses its point.  I like to see one with all the
abstracts and bios (like all other conferences have) probably
with photos and probably also listing other GNOME people that may
not be speakers.  That's a bit hard to gather and sort out in a
limited time without missing some people out, but is more useful
than say two or three interviews that nobody reads on paper these
days anyway...  We can put something like Glynn's 101 Things
About GNOME talk from last year there..  or other 'things about
GNOME' kind of lists...  For bonus, add more humour.

IMO, a 4-page A5 program is the best.  Printed on both sides of and A4.

Also don't forget the Conference Newspaper.  Contains (i.e.):
- Introduction of the days conferences and people
- What other GNOME people say about these people, projects, etc
- Summary of previous day talks, night meetings, etc
- More locale info

right people.   Another idea that we definitely don't have enough
time for is to ask every developer to identify other developers
they regularly work with or contact, and create an informal
relationships map.  See this BusinessWeek article for example:

I really like this. There's no need to ask people. The answer is on the bugzilla/cvs already.

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