Printed program take off

Hi all

Together with Ludovic Danigo <ldng free fr>, we have been volunteered to push this project forward so that it is done by late May.

So what's your idea about this schedule:

12 - 26 April : We will get decided on the content
26 April - 3 May : we will decide about the sources (writers and editors)
& by the end of May:  we will get it written and edited, so that it can be published by June 15th.

So about the content:
What do you think it should include?
In introduction? about guadec? or guadec 2006? or?
Any interviews? (give examples please)
Which articles should it included? any of the talks?

How many pages is best?
Will it be A3, A4 or A5 ?

Let's give examples of what you think will be appropriate for the content & the size,  then we will choose the best practical one.


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