Re: Mass Deployment of GNOME in schools in Macedonia

Excellent news. Could someone get in touch with the people involved, and
maybe do a small GNOME Journal story, or maybe a press release?

Do we know how many PCs there are per school, and/or the total number of
PCs, users, etc?

> I've just added this info to the wiki pages for GnomeDeployment:
> This was happening this summer and now there's a countrywide deployment
> of GNOME in computer labs in 492 primary and secondary schools, some
> University labs and NGO's. The distribution is Ubuntu Linux. The
> deployment is a result of a project involving the Macedonian Ministry of
> Education and Science, a local ISP - On.Net, EDC (Project E-schools) and
> MKConnects (USAID project).
>     *
>       Specific info by municipalities and sites @
> I may be getting some more info on the number of total computers using
> GNOME soon. I ll add this to the wiki as well.
> I hope that they ll upgrade to breezy and use 2.12 as it is fully
> translated into Macedonian. :)

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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