Re: It's a jungle out there

I did some doodles of a parrot drinking coffie and decided that was java, I'm still trying to come up with a good animal for C++, would be nice to have something that lives in the jungle. On the other hand, who cares about what animals live in the jungle and who don't?

Santiago Roza wrote:

sounds cool, but we're gonna have a hard time finding animals for some
languages.  i'm not a programmer (or anything like that :) ), but i
can think of php's unofficial "elephpant"...

and maybe the fsf's gnu for c (because it's the main language for the
linux kernel and the gnu apps, not to mention it's rms' language of

On 9/13/05, Andreas Nilsson <nisses mail home se> wrote:
I've been thinking of a web-campain the last days to promote the fact that you can use a whole bunch of languages to develop your GNOME-applications. C#, Python, Java, C++, C etc. The idea is to present some popular languages with a short introductionary text about the language and links to bindings, tutorials etc.

I've been playing with the idea to present every language as an animal in the (language-)jungle. Mono is a monkey, Python is a snake etc. As I know about zero programming, someone with knowledge in that area will have to write some content.
I'll sit down tonight and see if I can come up with some nice mockups.

What do you think. It would be really nice to turn some more developers towards GNOME.
- Andreas
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