Re: GNOME tour?

On 5/17/05, Dave Neary <dneary free fr> wrote:
> Hi Luis,
> Luis Villa a écrit :
> > On 5/17/05, Dave Neary <dneary free fr> wrote:
> >>Murray Cumming a écrit :
> <lots of stuff>
> > Note that I won't be doing anything that covers even 50% of this,
> > particularly given that scripts need to be written and sample material
> > generated for every demo, since they have to be translated and redone
> > for other languages. So anything I do would start off very, very
> > simple- menus, file management, maybe totem and the web.
> I forgot about movies...
> I had this vision that it would work more or less like this:
> 1) Luis comes up with & documents the process for doing demos, along the
> way doing one or two demos.
> 2) Dave, Luis, Murray and anyone else interested hassles maintainers of
> various modules to create a demo by following the instructions
> (improving the instructions in the process). We can do some demos of
> course, but we don't have to do them all.
> 3) ...
> 4) Profit!!!
> Is this far out of line with what you were expecting?

Given that my philosophy is not to hassle maintainers for anything not
directly related to code (and that in fact I tend to get pissy when I
hear about anyone hassling maintainers for any non-code reason), yes,
it is fairly far out of line with what I had in mind.

A plethora of demos (one per module?) that no one watches doesn't
really do anyone any good; you need a small number (really, IMHO, one
good/longish one, potentially a couple 'learn more...' for
complex/important issues) of videos, done with the same style, tone,
pacing, etc., and such throughout. That probably means a few core
volunteers who step up to do it, after figuring out what is important
and scripting it out.

OTOH, in the more-scattered-but-JFDI approach, there is already
someone attempting to do a module-by-module approach here:


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