[Fwd: Slides from GNOME on BSD presentation]

Hi all,

Another GNOME presentation that we can include in the pool of "stuff" for GNOME marketing.

I'll attach this to live.gnome.org - anyone know of other presentations that we should collect, or even other places where presentations are gathered, that we should point to?


David Neary
bolsh gimp org

--- Begin Message --- I recently gave a talk entitled "GNOME on BSD" at the Canadian BSD conference, BSDCan. I've put the slides into a ridiculous web gallery thinger. The tarball is at:


Any chance it could be included in the archive along with the slides from other GNOME-related presentations on the GNOME ftp server?

# Adam

Adam Weinberger
adamw magnesium net || adamw FreeBSD org
adamw vectors cx    ||   adamw gnome org
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