Re: [Fwd: GUADEC7 press release draft]

Hi Claus,

Claus Schwarm wrote:
I might be mistaken but isn't the private marketing list for discussions
about press releases?

You are (mistaken). marketing-private is intended for confidential press releases and a point-of-contact in the foundation for outside interested parties.

Press releases emanating from the Foundation, about stuff which isn't particlarly confidential, will go through this list (unless there's a general opinion that they shouldn't).

FYI, Murray sent Quim here from the board list.

Additionally, why not copy'n'paste some 'about' paragraphs from
earlier press releases (the formulation of '700 computer developers'
looks a bit strange.) ;)

I think the about GNOME needs work, myself... but perhaps no-one wants to do it right now?


Dave Neary
bolsh gimp org
Lyon, France

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